SLFB Documents

The RLFs operate using the policies, procedures, and practices detailed in these documents, which have been developed since the early 1980s, to reflect the evolving environment of the UC libraries.  RLF collections have begun to participate in broader regional and national shared print strategies (WEST journal archives and HathiTrust shared print monographs, for example) and policies, procedures and practices will be assessed as necessary to determine whether or not they need to changed.

Proposal for Shared Inventory Management System (IMS) across the RLFs, March 16, 2018 [PDF]

Regional Library Facility Annual Allocation and Exceptional Deposit Process, December 15, 2017 [PDF]

Non-duplication Policy for NRLF and SRLF Circulating Collections, June 16, 2010 [PDF]

Criteria for Evaluating Requests for Non-UC Deposits to UC Shared Library Facilities. June 19, 2008 [PDF]

Regional Library Facilities Statement of Operating Principles. November 27, 2006 [PDF]

Procedures for Annual Management of Deposits to the UC Regional Library Facilities. November 8, 2006 [PDF]

Persistent Deposits in UC Regional Library Facilities. May 6, 2004 (Revised February 20, 2006) [PDF]

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