UC Archivists Council (UCAC)

Years active: 1998-2007

NOTE: Beginning July 2013, the University of California Libraries launched a revised advisory structure. The groups within the previous structure are no longer active, including this group. See UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS) for information about the current structure. The former role of UCAC is now being filled by the University of California Archivists Council Common Knowledge Group.

Group Description

UCAC is charged with:

  • the responsibility for reviewing and making recommendations regarding the collection, preservation, and use of official UC administrative records
  • according to the provisions of UC Records Management Policy Bulletins 1 & 2, the responsibilities of UCAC also include reviewing UC records disposition schedules and other pertinent UC policies and recommending changes to the UC records management program
  • advising CDC on UC administrative records issues
  • coordinating systemwide UC administrative records activities related to CDL, including those relevant to the Online Archive of California
  • coordinating UC administrative records policies among the campus library systems and the CDL
  • serving as a discussion group among the members on UC administrative records issues and innovations
  • serving as a focus for information dissemination on UC administrative records issues  for the University of California
  • communicating with other campus groups including the Records Management Committee, the Electronic Records Workgroup, SOPAG appointed task forces, and any other common interest groups inside or outside of the University of California that might solicit input from the UCAC