UC CONSER Funnel Discussion Group

The UC Funnel Discussion Group is an unmoderated electronic mail forum open to all UC CONSER participants.

The forum has the following goals:

  • To serve as a first-stop resource for quick questions (the ones where you think, I know I’ve seen that documentation before, but where did it go?)
  • To answer those elusive questions we all face when maintaining and authenticating serials, by pooling our expertise. (Note: Mentors may recommend that policy questions and grey area questions be forwarded to CONSRLST or PCC-LIST for wider discussion)
  • To pass along announcements about workshops and other continuing education opportunities that may be of interest
  • To share information about policies, practices, activities and documentation both regionally (SCP) and nationally (CONSER/NACO/PCC)

If you have questions about PCC/CONSER cataloging of continuing resources, or if you have the answers, send a message to:

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