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CONSER documentation

  • CONSER Cataloging Manual (CCM): Incorporates RDA, the LC/PCC PS and CONSER practice for day-to-day guidance in the cataloging of serials. Most, but not all, of the modules in the CCM have been revised and updated for RDA; you can access them here. The CCM is also available through the Catalogers’ Desktop.
  • CONSER Editing Guide (CEG):  
    • Sections A, B and C (for membership requirements)
    • MARC field guidelines (in the context of CONSER practice)

The CEG has not been updated in a while, so be sure to double-check current MARC coding for specific fields and subfields by using the contextual links within OCLC to the Bibliographic Input Standards, in combination with CONSER RDA documentation:

Many of the above resources are linked from the CONSER home page, which contains links to cataloging policies, practices, documentation, and training. It is worth exploring in depth:


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