The UC CONSER Funnel represents an opportunity for any interested UC campus to obtain training and contribute serial cataloging to the national database in OCLC. As such, it is a concrete first step toward making UC cataloging a “single enterprise.” Among the many Funnel benefits:

  1. UC catalogers can directly update the records serving as the basis of Shared Cataloging Program’s work, thus making campuses more able to use records as is.
  2. UC catalogers can advocate for needed changes in standards and practices at the national level.

Established by the Heads of Technical Services (HOTS) in April 2006, supported by CONSER, and approved by the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), this is the first funnel program that involves bibliographic records in the PCC.

Advantages of CONSER participation [PDF]

UC CONSER Funnel Implementation Plan [PDF]

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