HOPS Goals 2006-2009

In the fall of 2006, the UC Heads of Public Services began discussion of its goals for 2006-2009. HOPS meets twice a year, and carries on discussions via email and conference calls in addition to its regular meetings. HOPS serves as an advisory group to SOPAG and to the ULs, and serves as a peer networking group for Heads of Public Services in the UC Libraries to discuss major public service issues.

HOPS sees its role as a forum for in-depth discussions of major public services issues affecting the UC libraries and as the primary agent for advancing the understanding of, and progress on, those issues.

Following are some of the key issues that HOPS would like to address during the period 2006-2009. To insure a dynamic approach to the challenges of public services in the UC Libraries, it is expected that the ULs, SOPAG, and HOPS may amend and/or revise these goals annually.

•  Advance diverse new methods of delivering services through such avenues as digital reference, social networking tools, delivery of services via a variety of communication tools, and integration of library-supported electronic tools into campus learning environments.

•  Advance awareness of the need for, and support progress toward, integrated, user friendly and robust access to library resources across the UC system.

•  Advance the incorporation of information literacy concepts into the UC curricula at all levels through emphasis on information literacy as a vital component of critical thinking skills and its relevancy to curricular outcomes. Promote further development of IL expertise and awareness of IL concepts within the UC Libraries.

•  Advance the value of assessment and the application of service quality research methods to both inform decision making about public services within the UC libraries and to improve public service activities across the UC libraries.

HOPS Goals 2002-2005

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