RLF Systems and Workflows Project Team

Project scope

The goal of the RLF Systems and Workflows Project is to identify and evaluate opportunities to create workflows and information systems involved in depositing and managing items at the RLFs that streamline work and data exchange or help support transformative services or information systems. In order to identify and evaluate these opportunities, the RLF Systems and Workflows Project Team should, in partnership with campus libraries and RLFs, evaluate current workflows and information systems; explore alternate workflows and information systems and recommend opportunities to adopt new workflows and systems that deliver on one or more of the key outcomes (e.g. streamlined work, better service, improved systems).


In 2014/15 the UC Library system conducted an exploration into the possibility of adopting a shared ILS.  The report surfaced a number of challenges and opportunities associated with ILS use in the UC libraries, one of which is the need in the Regional Library Facilities (RLFs) to interoperate well with each library for deposit of and access to materials.  While the system did not choose to pursue a shared ILS project at this time, it appears that there are more unanswered questions about how the RLFs create and manage metadata, how the UC Libraries make use of that data and what opportunities may exist to try things differently.  There may be a business case for investing in shared systems and workflows across the RLFs if we can identify ways in which this investment saves resources for other work, improves service, or serves as the foundation for future collaboration and innovation in library information systems.

Roster as of March 15, 2016

MacKenzie Smith
Project sponsor, UC Davis

Erik Mitchell
Project lead, Campus RLF representative, UC Berkeley and NRLF

Kathryn Stine
Project manager, California Digital Library

Caitlin Nelson
Metadata analyst, California Digital Library

Cathy Martyniak
Campus RLF representative, SRLF

Martha Hruska
Campus and SCP representative, UC San Diego

Tin Tran
RLF representative, SRLF

Project Progress and Documentation

Memo to CoUL, October 15, 2015

Memo to CoUL, December 4, 2015

RLF Data Gathering – Complete (October 2015)

Southern Campus Data Gathering – Complete (December 2015)

Northern Campus Data Gathering – Complete (Februrary 2016)

Business Case Analysis – Complete (March 2016)

RLF Systems and Workflows Final Report to CoUL, April 8, 2016

Final Report to CoUL – Complete (April 2016)

Follow up report to CoUL (six month exploration report) – Complete (June 2017)