Phases of UC Libraries Advisory Structures

This page documents the changes to the UC Libraries Advisory Structure over time, from 1998 to present day. While some of these groups are no longer active, key documents and descriptions about the groups have been retained for historical context.

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High-level view of changes to UC Libraries Advisory Structure, 1998 to present day.

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UCLAS Phase 1, Active 1998-2013

Historical Organizational Documents

Charter: Original University Librarian Advisory Structure

Organizational Chart: Component of the Planning & Consultative Structure of UC Libraries

Groups from UCLAS Phase 1

UCLAS Phase 2, Active 2013-2015

Detailed Organizational Chart

University of California Libraries Advisory Structure

Groups from UCLAS Phase 2

UCLAS Phase 3, Active 2015-Present

Detailed Organizational Chart

UC Libraries Advisory Structure Organization Chart

Groups from UCLAS Phase 3