Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC)

The Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Committee was established to advise the University on systemwide library policies and strategic priorities, on systemwide long term planning for the UC libraries including the ten campus libraries and the California Digital Library (CDL), and on strategies to enhance and facilitate the transmission of scholarly and scientific communication in a digital environment. In pursuing this charge, the Committee provides essential guidance to the University as it seeks to: 

  • Establish an environment that supports continuous planning and innovation for UC’s libraries,
  • Develop policies and strategic priorities for the California Digital Library, including policies that support the extension of CDL services beyond the University,
  • Implement strategies to sustain and develop both campus and shared print and digital collections and identify mechanisms that facilitate sharing resources across campus boundaries,
  • Initiate projects to improve the process of scholarly communication and assist faculty in distributing the results of their research. 

In addition, the Committee advises the University on academic copyright-related matters, including University policy.