SLASIAC Activities and Groups

Active Groups

Standing Subcommittee on Copyright Policy

UC Copyright Ownership Policy Working Group

Subcommittee on Library Planning and Budgets

Inactive Groups

Library Planning Task Force (2010-11)

Scholarly Information Program Task Force (2001-02)

The Scholarly Information Program Task Force was charged with advising the Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC) on a successor strategy to the Library Planning and Action Initiative Final Report (1998).

Collection Management Planning Group (2001-03)

The Standing Committee on Universitywide Library Collection Management Planning (the “Collection Management Planning Group”) was organized to focus on the issues of space for collections, the management of collections, and the nature of the University’s archival responsibilities. The committee focused on possible new roles for the University’s Regional Library Facilities (RLFs), using scenarios to be developed by a subcommittee.

CMPG White papers:

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