SLASIAC December 1, 2003 Agenda

Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee
December 1, 2003, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
East Bay Community Foundation Conference Center
353 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza (Near Broadway and 14th Streets)
Oakland, CA 94612

Click here for a PDF copy of the AGENDA [PDF]

 1. Action Items
  a. Review, revise, and endorse a SLASIAC resolution in support of construction of Phase 3 of the Southern Regional Library Facility
 2. Review and discuss
  a. Review draft strategic plan for libraries and scholarly information and advise on revisions; SLASIAC will be asked to endorse the plan at its February 20, 2004 meeting.
  b. Receive an update on the University Librarians’ planning and implementation activities
  c. Receive an update on planning for the Regional Library Facilities
  d. Review and discuss plans and strategies for fostering change in scholarly communication
  e. Discuss academic uses of the UC information technology infrastructure
  f. Receive and discuss a demonstration of recent developments in UC Libraries shared collections and services.
1. Welcome and introductions
2. Budget Update (Update)  
3. Systemwide Library Planning


a. Systemwide Strategic Directions

i) “Systemwide Strategic Directions” documents (Discussion)

ii) Outcomes of ULs’ 11/19-20 planning retreat (Information)

b. Shared Facilities

i) Regional Library Facilities Planning Task Force (Information)

ii) Southern Regional Library Facility, Phase 3 (Action)

c. Capture and Preservation of Digital Assets (Information/Discussion)







Resolution H: Planned Expansion of Regional Storage Facilities (DRAFT, 9/30/03) [PDF]

Background material to be sent separately

4. Scholarly Communication/Faculty Communication


a. UC Libraries and Reshaping Scholarly Communication Web Sites (Information)

b. Strategies for Sustainable Scholarly Communication/Academic Council Task Force on Scholarly Communication (Discussion)

i) Faculty Seminars on Scholarly Communication/Academic Council Task Force on Scholarly Communication (Discussion)

ii) Sustainability discussion paper (Discussion)







Scholarly Communications: Planning and Action for Sustainability (DRAFT, 11/14/03) [PDF]

5. P2P Technologies: Preserving Their Role in Scholarly Communication (Discussion) Letter Assistant Vice President Arditti to Assembly Member Cohn, September 17, 2003 [PDF]
6. Recent developments in UC Libraries shared collections and services (Demonstration)  
7. Next Meeting/Next Steps

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