SLASIAC February 20, 2004 Agenda

Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee
February 20, 2004, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
UC Irvine University Club
Irvine, CA

Click here for a PDF copy of the AGENDA [PDF]

 1. Action Items
  a. Review and endorse the strategic plan for libraries and scholarly information, and comment on accompanying “perspectives” papers for specific audiences
  b. Consider discharging the SLASIAC Collection Management Planning Group (CMPG)
 2. Review and discuss
  a. Plans for a print repository of journals digitized by JSTOR, and other matters related to development of shared print collections
  b. Plans to implement the strategic direction to promote change in scholarly communication
  c. The report of the University Librarians’ Regional Library Facilities Task Force
  d. Status of planning for Phase III of the Southern Regional Library Facility
  e. Plans to implement the strategic direction on persistent access to digital information
1. Welcome and introductions
2. Budget Update (Update)
  • University of California 2004-05 Governor’s Budget (Excel | PDF)
3. Strategic Directions


a. Systemwide Strategic Directions documents (Action)


4. Collection Management and Coordination


a. JSTOR Print Repository (Information)

b. Status of Collection Management Planning Group (Discussion/Action)






5. Scholarly Communication


a. Library plan (Disucssion)

b. Administrative efforts (Discussion)

c. Academic Council Special Committee on Scholarly Communication (Discussion)

6. Shared Facilities


a. Regional Library Facilities Planning Task Force (Information)

b. Southern Regional Library Facility, Phase 3 progress (Information)

7. Preservation of Digital Assets


a. UC Libraries’ digital preservation repository

8. Next Meeting/Next Steps (Next meeting May 5, 2004 in Oakland)