SLASIAC May 23, 2002 Agenda

Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee
Standing Committee on Copyright
Joint Meeting
May 23, 2002, 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Asian Cultural Center, Oakland




1. Review current issues in scholarly communication and initiatives that have been proposed to address them.
2. Discuss steps that UC can take to address scholarly communication issues.




1.  Preliminaries
     a.  Welcome and introductions; new members
     b.  Review of meeting objectives
2. Background: the “Library Crisis” and UCFrench· The Crisis of Library Sustainability, the Opportunities of Digital Scholarly Communication, and the University of California Strategy (Systemwide Library Planning, 5/15/02) [PDF]
3. Framing the discussion: the Tempe PrinciplesHume· Principles for Emerging Systems of Scholarly Publishing, 5/10/00 (<>)
· Williams, J., and C. Alire, “Research Libraries in Colorado “Create Change,” ARL Bimonthly Report 211, August 2000 (<>)
· Ferriero, D.S., “A View from the Scholarly Communication Trenches: ‘Tempe Principles’ Stir Faculty Discussion,” ARL Bimonthly Report 212, October 2000 (<>)
· Alexander, A., “Living the Principles — A Return to Tempe,” ARL Bimonthly Report 215, April 2001 (<>)
4. The Economics of Scholarly PublishingBergstrom· Bergstrom, Theodore C., “Free Labor for Costly Journals?” Journal of Economic Perspectives 15:3 (Summer 2001), pp. 183–198.
· Bergstrom, Carl T.; Bergstrom, Theodore C., “Do Electronic Site Licenses for Academic Journals Benefit the Scientific Community?” Unpublished manuscript, 2/8/02.
5. Copyright and Scholarly PublishingLawrence · Copyright Legislation and Scholarly Communication: Basic Principles (Working Draft, 12/2/96)
6. Initiatives to change scholarly publishing


   a. Initiatives to reduce costs and challenge commercial publishers
   b. “Free Online Scholarship” initiatives



Michael Eisen, Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

· Guédon, Jean-Claude, “Beyond Core Journals and Licenses: The Paths to reform Scientific Publishing,” ARL Bimonthly Report 218, October 2001 (<>)
· Sourcebook on Scholarly Communication: Selected Resources on Scholarly Communication and Publishing (Systemwide Library Planning, 5/15/02) (Word Document)
· Johnson, Richard K., “A Question of Access: SPARC, BioOne, and Society-Driven Electronic Publishing,” D-Lib Magazine 6:5, May 2000 (<>)
· Suber, Peter, “Where Does the Free Online Scholarship Movement Stand Today?” ARL Bimonthly Report 220, February 2002 (<>)
7. Innovations in Scholarly CommunicationCandee· eScholarship Update — April 2002 (CDL 4/2/02)
· California Digital Library Opens Online Repository for Working Papers (CDL Press Release, 4/3/02 [PDF])
8. Next Steps for the University of CaliforniaHume