SLASIAC May 7, 2012 Agenda

Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee

May 7, 2012, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Conference Call
Dial-in: 1-866-740-1260
Access code: 987-0772

Please use the links below to view the background materials for the meeting

9:00-9:10Roll call and introduction


Background: Agenda [PDF]

9:10-10:101. Open Access Policy


  • Chris Kelty will provide an update/status report and will let SLASIAC members know how they can help out on their campuses.
  • Rich Schneider will provide information about UCSF’s progress (faculty senate is voting on May 21st).
  • Catherine Mitchell from CDL’s Publishing Group (responsible for the eScholarship Repository) will ask SLASIAC members for input on implementation.

Background: Open Access Policy Proposal (March 1, 2012) on the Reshaping Scholarly Communication Website

Open Access Policy: Selected Implementation Considerations for Discussion. [PDF] (Added May 4, 2012, to be presented during meeting.)

Related: Discussion of the recent Harvard Faculty Memorandum on Journal Pricing.


10:10-10:452. Library Planning Task Force Report follow-up: Library Implementation Plan


Ginny Steel will provide information on the UC Libraries’ initiatives, a proposed financial infrastructure for supporting collaborative work, and proposed assessment measures and metrics.

Background: University of California Libraries Shared Services Assessment (May 1, 2012) [PDF] and

The UC Libraries “Next Generation Technical Services” (NGTS) Initiative (April 30, 2012) [PDF]

UC Libraries Systemwide Collaborations (May 7, 2012) [PPT] (Slide show added May 4, 2012 to be presented at meeting.)

10:45-11:453. Other matters to report


a. CDL Budget – Update on process (Gene Lucas and Laine Farley)
b. Digital Preservation Network (DPN) (Laine Farley)

Background: Digital Preservation Network (April 9, 2012) [PDF] and
3 NY Times articles on the transformation that big data will impose. [PDF]

c. New model for supporting arXiv (Ginny Steel)

Background:  arXiv Sustainability Initiative

d. E-research support

11: 45 – noonNext Steps

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