Common Knowledge Groups

Guidelines for Common Knowledge Groups (Rev. October 6, 2015) [PDF]


Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs) are standing groups of experts or pioneers in areas of interest to the University of California Libraries (UCL). The intention of CKGs is to foster innovation and continuous improvement by providing a venue for staff across campuses and from various levels to exchange ideas and collaborate on systemwide initiatives. Although CKGs may communicate with groups in the UCL Advisory Structure, they are not intended to make systemwide policy decisions, manage projects or project teams, or oversee ongoing services. CKGs are proposed by UC Libraries’ staff who identify an issue, topic, subject, or content format that would benefit from the creation of a cross-­‐campus community. The Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC) provides broad oversight for the CKGs and their registration process.

Key Expectations

  1. Maintain an email list for use by the CKG open to all interested UC Libraries staff.
  2. Post and maintain a historical record of meeting minutes and reports, accessible to all interested UC Libraries staff.
  3. Gather and share information about the environment, opportunities, new technologies, best practices, content, and local campus developments within a defined knowledge area.
  4. Provide input and information to other UC Libraries groups as requested.
  5. Conceive and advance innovative ideas and improvements relevant to the UC Libraries’ Systemwide Plan and Priorities. Ideas for new projects should be presented to DOC for approval through the Project Proposal Template
Common Knowledge Group (CKGs) Meeting Minutes Contact
Archival Management Systems User Group CKG Charter[PDF] Minutes Eric Milenkiewicz UCR
Born Digital Content CKG
Charter [PDF]

Jerrold Shiroma, UCM (Chair)

Cristela Garcia-Spitz, UCSD (Vice Chair)

Cataloging and Metadata CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes John Riemer, UCLA
Data Curation
CKG Charter
Charter [PDF]

Reid Otsuji, UCSD (Chair)

 Tom Brittnacher, UCSB (Vice-Chair) tombritt@UCSB.EDU

Digital Humanities CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes Barbara Hui, CDL
Digitization CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes Susan Chesley Perry, UCSC

Interlibrary Lending CKG
Charter [PDF]

Minutes Jennifer Lee, UCLA
Library IT CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes Shawn Duncan, UCSC
Preservation CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes Dawn Aveline, UCLA
Reference CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes

Cynthia Johnson, UCI

Scholarly Publishing Group CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes

Katie Fortney

Shu Liu

Statistics CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes Joanne Miller, CDL
UC Shared Visual Resources CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes

Gregory Reser

Jacqueline Spafford


Last updated: October 29, 2015