Common Knowledge Groups

Guidelines for Common Knowledge Groups (Rev. October 18, 2013) [PDF]

Common Knowledge Groups FAQ (May 30, 2014) [PDF]


Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs) are standing groups of experts or pioneers in areas of interest to the University of California Libraries (UCL).  The intention of CKGs is to foster innovation by providing a venue for staff across campuses and from various levels to exchange ideas and collaborate on systemwide initiatives at the “Service Envisioning” stage. At this stage, new ideas are being generated for new services or improvements to existing services.  The environment of CKGs will be one of open communication and meetings.

Although CKGs communicate with and provide support to the UCL Advisory Structure, they do not report to groups within the Advisory Structure. CKGs are not intended to make systemwide policy decisions. The Coordinating Committee (CC) provides broad oversight for the CKGs and their registration process.  

Key Responsibilities

  1. Gather and share information about the environment, project opportunities, new technologies or practices, and local campus developments within a defined knowledge area.
  2. Receive and discuss ideas from various UC constituents, assessing potential for new Systemwide services and/or service improvements.
  3. Communicate and respond to queries and requests received from relevant SAGs.
  4. Maintain an email list for use by the CKG which is open to all interested UCL staff, regardless of their membership in the CKG.
  5. Each CKG posts and maintains a historical record of meeting minutes and reports.
  6. Suggestions for developing new ideas, services, or for improving existing operations, services, or practices should be sent to the relevant UCL Advisory Structure Strategic Action Group(s) (SAG).
  7. CKGs shall send an annual report to the Coordinating Committee detailing their activities during the past fiscal year.  
Common Knowledge Group (CKGs) Meeting Minutes Affinity  Contact
Archival Management Systems User Group CKG Charter[PDF] Minutes SAG3 Eric Milenkiewicz UCR
Born Digital Content CKG
Charter [PDF]
Minutes SAG1, SAG2, SAG3 Audra Eagle Yun, UCI
Cataloging and Metadata CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes SAG2, SAG3 John Riemer, UCLA
Data Curation
CKG Charter
Charter [PDF]
Minutes SAG1 Shu Liu, UCI
Digital Humanities CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes SAG1, SAG2, SAG3 Barbara Hui, CDL
Digitization CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes SAG1, SAG2, SAG3 Susan Chesley Perry, UCSC

Interlibrary Lending CKG
Charter [PDF]

Minutes SAG2, SAG3 Jennifer Lee, UCLA
Library IT CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes SAG1, SAG2, SAG3 Shawn Duncan, UCSC
Preservation CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes SAG3 Dawn Aveline, UCLA
Project Management CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes SAG1, SAG2, SAG3CLS Adrian Petrisor, UCI
Reference CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes SAG2SAG3

Cynthia Johnson, UCI

Scholarly Publishing Group CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes SAG1, CLS

Katie Fortney

Shu Liu

Statistics CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes ASAG Joanne Miller, CDL
UC Shared Visual Resources CKG Charter [PDF] Minutes SAG3

Gregory Reser

Jacqueline Spafford


Last updated: August 13, 2015