Preservation Advisory Group (PAG)

The University of California Preservation Advisory Group (PAG) is a common interest group:

  • Reporting to the Collection Development Committee
  • Comprised of one representative from each campus library system appointed by the University Librarian, and one representative each from the California Digital Library (CDL), the Collection Development Committee (CDC)

PAG is charged with:

  • Advising CDC on preservation issues;
  • Coordinating systemwide preservation activities related to CDL's responsibilities for preservation of digital collections;
  • Coordinating preservation policies among the campus library systems and the CDL;
  • Developing preservation services with the broadest possible cost-savings for UC libraries;
  • Serving as an education and discussion group for its members on preservation issues and innovations;
  • Serving as a focus for information dissemination on preservation issues for the University of California and the State of California;
  • Communicating with all other campus groups, SOPAG appointed task forces, and other common interest groups on preservation issues.
  • Serving as a liaison group to other state agencies, and library or preservation consortia, for developing cooperative and cost-effective approaches to preservation.

The Chair is selected by the membership for a two-year term.

19 March 99; revised 6/21/99

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