Shared ILS/RMS Task Force to Investigate a Shared ILS/Resource Management System for UC Libraries

SAG3 was charged with moving forward an investigation recommended by Next Generation Technical Services .

After receiving the charge from CoUL in fall 2013, SAG3 announced the January 14, 2014 start to the task force investigation.

See Shared ILS/RMS Task Force documents.

Task Force Members

  • Vicki Grahame (SAG3, UCI), Chair
  • MacKenzie Smith (CoUL, UCD)
  • Marcia Barrett (SAG3, UCSC)
  • Diane Bisom (SAG3, UCR)
  • Judy Consales (SAG3, UCLA)
  • Martha Hruska (SAG3, UCSD)
  • Todd Grappone (SAG2, UCLA)
  • Rosalie Lack (Coordinating Committee, CDL)
  • Angela Riggio (SAG3, LAUC)
  • Leslie Wolf (SAG3 Portfolio Manager)

Task Force Consultant

Marshall Breeding has been engaged to help assess the interest in and technical feasibility of implementing a shared ILS/RMS system for the UC Libraries. From April 1 through June 30, 2014, he will assist the Task Force by completing these major steps: 

  • Gathering information regarding the requirements and expectations of the University of California Libraries, building on information identified through the NGTS initiative.
  • Conducting an environmental scan of the systems and services to understand our potential ability to meet the requirements of a shared implementation for the University of California libraries.
  • Interviewing individuals involved with libraries and consortia of similar size and complexity that have implemented each of the candidate systems.
  • Developing a written report and presenting the findings of his investigation.

During the initial phase, the consultant will develop a list of questions for each campus to gather information related to the requirements and expectations of the UC LIbraries for a potential shared ILS/RMS platform. He plans to conduct telephone interviews to gain any clarifications needed or to explore any issues raised and to conduct a series of conference calls with key stakeholders in the UC libraries.

As part of the consultant’s scope of work, SAG3 asked him to Investigate and report on next-generation ILS/RMS systems’ support for collaborative technical services and collection development workflows, particularly those identified in the NGTS reports.

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