SAG3 Documents

NOTE: Beginning November 1, 2015, the University of California Libraries launched a revised advisory structure. The groups within the previous structure are no longer active, including this group. For information about the current structure, see: “UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS)”.

SAG3 Reports

2013 Nov-DecSAG3-UCLASreport-20140113.pdf
2014 Jan-FebSAG3-UCLASreport-20140307.pdf
2014 Mar-AprSAG3-UCLASreport-20140509.pdf
2014 May-JunSAG3-UCLASreport-20140707.pdf
2014 July-AugSAG3-UCLASreport-20140905.pdf
2014 Sept-OctSAG3-UCLASreport-20141107.pdf
2014 Nov-DecSAG3-UCLASreport-20150109.pdf
2015 Q1SAG3-UCLASreport-20150421.pdf
2015 Q2SAG3-UCLASreport-20150715.pdf
2015 Q3SAG3-UCLASreport-20150831.pdf

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