Next-Generation Technical Services (NGTS)

Next-Generation Technical Services (NGTS) is an initiative to redesign technical services workflows across the full range of library formats in order to take advantage of new systemwide capabilities and tools, minimize redundant activities, improve efficiency, and foster innovation in collection development and management for the benefit of UC library users.

The NGTS initiative was developed by the University Librarians (CoUL) and Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG) as a consequence of work conducted in other key UC efforts, including the UC Libraries Bibliographic Services Task Force (BSTF) and its recommendations to transform the user experience of search and retrieval of information resources.

Under SOPAG, the NGTS Management Team [charge] oversees the implementation of the NGTS priorities selected by the Council of University Librarians [PDF], with the following overarching goals:

1. Cooperative Collection Development

Develop a system-wide view of collections that would allow libraries to develop richer collections and to leverage selector expertise.  Consider and propose actions that balance increased efficiencies of centralized collection development with more diverse multi-campus collection development.

2. Collaborative Technical Services

Develop the standards, policies, and practices (addressing technical issues, human resources, and other factors) that will move UC libraries toward integrated technical services expertise and operations.

3. Collaborative Digital Initiatives

Develop policies and practices and implement the technology infrastructure to provide for collaborative UC digital services.

4. Financial and Technical infrastructure

Develop a fiscal framework for system-wide collaboration. Implement an integrated technical infrastructure to facilitate these collaborations.

Success will be measured by the reduction of redundant technical services work throughout the UC Libraries and an increase in resources made more quickly and easily discoverable by library users.

The NGTS Management Team will keep the All-Campus Groups (CDC, LTAG, HOPS, HOTS, RSC) informed of its activity and take direction from SOPAG. The Project Management Work Group (PMWG) will support the NGTS implementation.