SLASIAC February 28, 2003 Agenda

Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee
February 28, 2003 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
The Elihu M. Harris State Office Building
1515 Clay Street (between 15th & 16th Streets), Oakland


  1. Review and discuss the proposed framework for the systemwide planning process for libraries and scholarly communication
  2. Review and discuss strategic directions and current initiatives for collection management and coordination
    a. Take action on a proposed resolution on staff leadership for planning and implementation of shared collections
  3. Review and discuss strategic directions and current initiatives related to scholarly communication
    a. Take action on a proposed resolution on Universitywide dissemination of shared electronic journal pricing and usage data
  4. Review and discuss current planning activities related to shared library facilities, library budgeting practices, and vision and advocacy statements for the UC Libraries

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Item Responsible Background
1. Preliminaries
a. Welcome and introductions
b. Review of meeting objectives
2. Budget Update (Update) Heinecke
3. Systemwide Library Planning
a. General

i) Overview of the Planning Process


ii) Outcomes of the University Librarians’ Planning Retreat


iii) Review of progress and current challenges

  • Advances in Systemwide Library Service in the University Of California: A Five-Year Progress Report (January 14, 2003) (
b. Library Budgeting Practices Heinecke
c. Technical integration of digital libraries Heinecke, Davis
d. Development of Vision and Advocacy Statements for UC Libraries Munoff
e. Collection Management and Coordination

i) Shared Collections

Greenstein, Lawrence

ii) Ownership and Counting of Collections

f. Shared Facilities Munoff
g. Scholarly Communication Greenstein
4. Future meetings and agendas
a. Next meeting (Discussion)