CoUL Documents


  • Following a briefing to the Council of Vice Chancellors (CoVC) in October, the CoVC wrote a letter to the chairs of the Council of University Librarians and the University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication recognizing “the urgent need to reduce licensed content costs to levels that the University can sustain, and the desire to make research outputs openly accessible.”
  • Following verbal endorsement in September, CoUL wrote a letter of endorsement in October for the formation of a working group to develop clear university policies providing non-Academic Senate academic appointees with appropriate protections, responsibilities, and obligations for scholarship, research, and/or teaching conducted in the context of their appointments.
  • In August and September, CoUL finalized the University of California Library Systemwide Annual Plans and Priorities, FY 2018/2019 [PDF] with feedback and guidance from the Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC).
  • On February 27, 2018, CoUL endorsed the Pathways to OA analysis. The Pathways to OA is intended to assist campus libraries and the California Digital Library with individual, and where appropriate, collective decision-making about which OA strategies, possible next steps, or experiments to pursue in order to achieve large-scale transition to OA.









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