NGTS Phase 2: March – December 2010

Background Information

NGTS Phase 2 Executive Team

  • Bruce Miller, Chair (University Librarian, UC Merced)
  • Brian Schottlaender (University Librarian, UCSD)
  • Laine Farley (Executive Director, CDL)
  • Ginny Steel (University Librarian, UCSC)
  • Martha Hruska (UCSD, chair of Steering Team)

NGTS Phase 2 Steering Team

  • Martha Hruska (AUL Collection Services, UCSD, chair)
  • Jim Dooley (Head, Collection Services, UC Merced)
  • Emily Stambaugh (Shared Print Manager, CDL)
  • Carol Hughes (AUL, Public Services, UC Irvine)
  • Armanda Barone (Head, Original Cataloging, Catalog Department, UC Berkeley

NGTS Phase 2 Task Groups

NGTS Phase 2 Reports

Final Reports Submitted to the Council of University Librarians (10 September 2010):

  1. Improvement of the Financial Infrastructure
  2. Development of Enterprise-Level Collections Management Services
  3. Development of New Modes for Organizing and Providing Access to Special Collections, Archives, and Digital Formats

NGTS Phase 2 Interim Reports