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NGTS Implementation (April 2011- present) Reports

NGTS Management Team

SPOT Deliverables

POT 1 Deliverables:

  • Evaluate the Ability of Selected Existing Systemwide Systems to Meet the Discovery and Display Requirements of the UCLDC (2012) – Final Report [PDF]
  • Evaluate Crawler and Harvesting Solutions (2012) – Final Report [PDF]
  • Checklist for Determining Access Options (2012) – Final Report [PDF]
  • Digital Assets Management System (DAMS) Requirements – Final Report [PDF]
  • Merritt Gap Analysis – Final Report [PDF]
  • Identification/Analysis of existing UC digital collections for inclusion in the UC Libraries Digital Collection – Final Report [PDF]
  • Proposed Model for Systemwide Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) with Discovery and Display – Final Report [PDF]
  • UC Libraries Digital Collection – Annual Operational Cost Estimates – Final Report [PDF]

POT 2 Deliverables:

POT 3 Deliverables:

POT 4 Deliverables:

  • Next-Generation Technical Services (NGTS) POT 4 Final Report [PDF]

POT 5 Deliverables:

POT 6 Deliverables:

POT 7 Deliverables:

Previous Phases

Phase 1: 8/09-2/10

Phase 2: 3/10-12/10