SLASIAC April 29, 2003, Agenda

Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee
April 29, 2003, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Main Library, Room 570 (5th floor)

(Building #102 on the campus map:
University of California, Irvine


Agenda· Agenda [Word document]
1. Preliminaries
a. Welcome and introductions
b. Review of meeting objectives
2. Collection Management Initiative: Preliminary findings

· Preliminary Results from the Collection Management Initiative’s Journal Use Study and User Preference Survey (April 18, 2003) [PDF]

3. Northern Regional Library Facility: Change in Deposit Rates

4. Systemwide Library Planning

· Report on Systemwide Library Planning and the California Digital Library (April 14, 2003) [PDF]

a. Collection Management and Coordination

i) Collection Management and Coordination Strategy

· Collection Management and Coordination: A Strategy for the UC Libraries Prepared by the Collection Management Planning Group (CMPG) Steering Committee (April 10, 2003) [PDF]

ii) Ownership and Counting of Collections

iii) Collection Management Planning Group – Meeting Outcomes

· CMPG Meeting Outcomes (April 8, 2003) [PDF]

b. Shared Services
c. Review of progress and current challenges· Master Planning Progress Report [PDF]

5. Communication Strategy and Issues

a. Introduction

b. UC Libraries strategic communication Web site

· UC Libraries Web site description (Update for the University Librarians, April 10, 2003)

· UC Libraries Web site blueprint [PDF]

c. Scholarly Communication and Faculty Information· Communication with UC Faculty on Topics Related to Scholarly Communication (April 18, 2003) [PDF]

i) Alternative modes of scholarly communication

ii) “Journal Economics” and negotiation with commercial publishers

· Resolution G: Digital Library Journal Collecting Principles [PDF]
d. Communication within SLASIAC
6. Future meetings and agendas
a. Next meeting

Click here for an updated SLASIAC Roster [PDF]