SLASIAC October 29, 2002 Agenda

Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee
October 29, 2002, 10am – 3pm
UC Irvine Student Center, Crescent Bay Room (Map and Directions)

Meeting Objectives

1. Review the background for strategic planning for libraries and scholarly information in the University of California

2. Review and discuss the report of the SLASIAC Scholarly Information Task Force with special attention to:

a. Reviewing and reaffirming the vision for strategic development
b. Reviewing, revising and endorsing the strategic directions recommended by the Task Force
c. Considering the roles and responsibilities of campuses in the University’s system for libraries and scholarly information

3. Develop a specific plan for further development of strategic directions, including:

a. Reviewing and revising the issues for further development identified by the Task Force
Identifying next steps and determining the roles and responsibilities of SLASIAC, its Scholarly Information Task Force and Collection Management Planning Group, and other organizations in implementing these steps.


Agenda (PDF) and Background Materials

1. Preliminaries (Gottfredson)


a. Welcome and Introductions
b. Review of Meeting Objectives

2. Report on Systemwide Library Planning and the California Digital Library (Greenstein)


a. Planning and Budgeting for Libraries and Scholarly

b. Collection Management Initiative (Update) (Schottlaender)

  • Background: 4/30/02 CMPG Meeting Notes

c. Collection Management Planning Group (Update) (Schottlaender)

d. Scholarly Communication (Update) (Candee)

i) Advisory Committee on Scholarly Communication (Information/Action)

3. Budget plans and strategies (Heinecke)


a. Budget Update

4. Report of the Scholarly Information Program Task Force (Discussion/Action) (Greenstein)


a. Review of the Task Force interim report draft
b. Planning for development of a strategic plan
c. Next steps

5. Future meetings and agendas (Gottfredson)


a. SLASIAC 2002-03 work plan (Discussion)

  • 1998-99 Activities
  • 1999-2000 Activities
  • 2000-01 Activities

b. Next meeting (Discussion)