Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management (SAG3)

NOTE: Beginning November 1, 2015, the University of California Libraries launched a revised advisory structure. The groups within the previous structure are no longer active, including this group. For information about the current structure, see: "UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS)".

SAG3 Charge (March 3, 2014) [PDF]


Strategic Action Group 3 (SAG3) is charged by the Council of University Librarians to make decisions for the University of California Libraries’ shared services and collaborative activities in the functional areas defined below. SAG3 is a component of the advisory structure of the University of California Libraries, established by the Council of University Librarians in July 2013.

Key Responsibilities

SAG3 proposes projects and services in support of the UC Libraries' systemwide priorities and strategic plan as articulated by the Council of University Librarians’ "Systemwide Plan and Priorities".


The SAG3 functional portfolio includes strategies, services, and tools in the following areas:

  • UC-wide shared collection building
  • Shared acquisition
  • Cataloging/metadata
  • Preservation and archiving
  • Mass digitization

In addition, SAG3:

  • Develops, and/or advises on policy, procedure, and service development within the SAG3 functional portfolio.
  • Charges ad hoc project teams to research, design, develop, and/or implement new shared services or major improvements to existing shared services.
  • Recommends strategies, procedures, and resources for meeting the identified service needs of faculty students and researchers for the functional areas defined above.
  • Determines the optimal allocation and utilization of project resources, and ensures that cost is consistent with the value delivered.
  • Collaborates and/or consults with other SAGs on policy, projects, and services crossing SAG functional areas.
  • Oversees the Collection Licensing Subgroup.
  • Oversees the Bibliographic Groups.
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